My sons first game Dark Slayer

My son Jacob decided to learn how to program. He followed the great tutorial from Lost Decade Games, and added his own flare to it. He added enemies that shoot, player health, and the game can also end. So proud of him for making it. I helped with a few small things, but the majority was done by him. His brother Gavin also helped with art along with their sister Gabi.

Check out Dark Slayer

7 thoughts on “My sons first game Dark Slayer

  1. Lol looks like deja vu my grand son is in front of his lap top all day and he’s 7 looks like the 21st century children are going to be the super smart it’s amazing tell them to keep up the work Loktar.

  2. See this is intelligence at a very early age I love seeing it vs all the negative stuff I see online my nephew is 5 and he says he wont’s to make games he walks around with his tablet all the time cool stuff Loktar.

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