Android Live Wallpaper Guts and Goo

Just released my second live wallpaper, Guts and Goo

Guts and Goo

Used libgdx along with the libgdx live wallpaper backend. Was a fun project, found out about an awesome filter library while making it, its what allowed for such great high res nasty images.

The hardest thing besides a bit of OpenGL I had to learn was the Android preferences. I dont know why but I have such a hard time getting them working right. So right now the only option is to pick different images to mess with. I plan on adding more later. I also plan on releasing a “lite” version which only includes one background to choose.

7 thoughts on “Android Live Wallpaper Guts and Goo

  1. Hi,

    I’ve looked at Guts and Goo and I’developing android Live Wallpapers with
    OpenGL ES 1.0, but mainly 2.0 too (Look Here).
    The difference is that I’m not using a third party library but I’m very interested in
    your libGDX-experience.

    Please answer me some questions
    – Is the lwp-backend GL ES 2.0 capable
    – do Ihave to develop different shaders for android and desktop (GL ES vs. normal GL)
    – are the OpenGL ES 2.0 programs able to run in SDK Emulators
    – is the native code used by libGDX faster then the AndroidSDK wrapper ?

    With best regards MaMe82

    P.S. There’s a good app on market for Screencasting your Wallpapers (Screencast)

    • I couldnt get any of the 2.0 examples to work, so I don’t think it is currently compatible unfortunately. For the 2nd question, Im not experienced at all with shaders so I can’t really answer that, the only shaders I tried were from the standard libgdx examples, and they didn’t work. The 3rd question, my wallpaper ran in the emu.. but it was VERY slow so I wouldn’t recommend it. Libgdx seemed quite a bit faster in terms of rendering (at least a hundred times faster) that’s why I chose it over the software rendering option.

      Thanks for the screencast link I will check it out, haha my video was terrible I know 😕 I need to get a better camera.

  2. Hey there. I have poked around with this backend myself and I did manage to get the OpenGL2 example MeshShaderTest to run. I also got a few of my own shaders to run as well. So yea, it does in fact support GL2.

  3. Hi!
    Nice guts 😉
    I’m also working on Live Wallpaper with libgdx and preferences are driving me crazy. Can you give us any hints? I’m sure many will appreciate. 🙂

    all the best,

    • haha Tomi I wish… thats the part I suck terribly at. I have one option.. and its to change the wallpaper and it was a pain to implement. I don’t know why but the prefs in Android apps really trip me up. I need to spend some more time with them. Good luck :).

  4. actually the live wallpaper not working on my GS2 with libgdx.

    I just set up a simple live wallpaper:

    it said:

    08-08 22:10:18.205: E/AndroidRuntime(7845): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate service test.gdx.lwp.WPService: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: test.gdx.lwp.WPService

    again and again.

    if I create a new project, again. the samples not works on android.
    my manifest is good

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