Jquery Snowfall Plugin 1.4

Newer version available


Added a few new things, you can now make flakes rounded (Thanks Luke), and give them shadows (for lighter colored pages) – thanks for the idea Yutt. Also I fixed some bugs that cause horizontal bar flickering (I hope).

Download Jquery Snowfall 1.4

Invoking the snow

    $('#elementid').snowfall({flakeCount : 100, maxSpeed : 10});
    $('.class').snowfall({flakeCount : 100, maxSpeed : 10});

Snowfall Methods

    // stopping the snow

Options currently supported with default values

options = {
	flakeCount : 35,		// number
	flakeColor : '#ffffff', // string
	flakeIndex: 999999,		// number
	minSize : 1,			// number
	maxSize : 3,			// number
	minSpeed : 2,			// number
	maxSpeed : 3,			// number
	round : false,			// bool
	shadow : false			// bool

41 thoughts on “Jquery Snowfall Plugin 1.4

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    • @Danny, What browser? Also is it just flickering horizontally? I have an offset var in the code now, I think its set at 20, but you can make it larger so the flickering stops.

  6. If plugin has been applied for element with 100% width of body, for example header, we also have a problem with horizontal scroll.
    I’ve changed offset default value from 0 to 25, but it will be useful to add option for setting this value on plugin call.

    • @Tokolist Yeah I should of done that to begin with.. I really wanted to just try and fix it rather than going that route, but for the time being I’ll just add it as an option on call.

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  8. I’m still learning about javascript and I was wondering where exactly I put the $(document).snowfall(); ? i want the snow to fall over my entire page…but just don’t know where to insert this line of code into the javascript.


  9. Hey

    I changed line 73 to:

    var flakeMarkup = $(document.createElement("div")).attr({'class': 'snowfall-flakes size-'+Math.round(this.size), 'id' : 'flake-' + this.id}).css({'width' : this.size, 'height' : this.size, 'background' : options.flakeColor, 'position' : 'absolute', 'top' : this.y, 'left' : this.x, 'fontSize' : 0, 'zIndex' : options.flakeIndex});

    This gives the ability to modify the different flake sizes via css. I set different background images.

    Thank you for the plugin

    Kind Regards


  10. Hi, is it possible to have the snowflakes appear just on the body background and not over any other layers? I tried the flakeIndex but now go.

    Assume the page has the following markup and I only want snow around the container, not ontop of it:

    Content be here, no snowing here

  11. Hey
    This hauls my CPU clock…
    When I use it in Firefox or Chrome my they take 50% of my CPU…
    Any solution for that?
    reat plugin otherwise

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  14. There’s a bug with a vertical scroll on chrome and mozilla. Try to see at the scroll-bar on this page with google chrome browser!

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  16. I discovered your plugin on a wordpress theme and liked the effect. I added it to a web site that I developed for a friend of mine.

    Works great!

  17. This might be helpful to some but the snow is positioned by absolute. So if your div class is named snow you might want to add position:relative; to your snow class. This should help if you’re running into any snow positioning problems.

    .snow {
    height: 242px;
    overflow: hidden;

  18. This is a very nice plugin. Very small and fast to run. I work for a group of newspapers and we’re running a contest where readers guess the date for the first snowfall. I put this on that page and have gotten comments from users, they think it’s kinda neat. 🙂

    I’ll also be building this into my HTML5Press WordPress theme. Thinking people might like to use this around Christmas or during winter to add a unique flare to their site.

    Thanks for this plugin Jason!

    • No problem glad you like it! I just updated it to 1.5 which adds snow collection using the canvas element, if you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think.

  19. Thanks, is a great plugin! Reason to share a small change, considering that snowflakes should be round and not square.

    i added: ‘border-radius’ : ‘8px’ in : snowfall.jquery.js , line 64.

    var flakeMarkup = $(document.createElement(“div”)).attr({‘class’: ‘snowfall-flakes’, ‘id’ : ‘flake-‘ + this.id}).css({‘border-radius’ : ‘8px’,’width’ : this.size, ‘height’ : this.size, ‘background’ : options.flakeColor,’position’ : ‘absolute’, ‘top’ : this.y, ‘left’ : this.x, ‘fontSize’ : 0, ‘zIndex’ : options.flakeIndex});

    Happy Holidays,

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  28. When resize the window we have a problem, my suggestion:

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