Android Live Wallpaper Guts and Goo

Just released my second live wallpaper, Guts and Goo

Guts and Goo

Used libgdx along with the libgdx live wallpaper backend. Was a fun project, found out about an awesome filter library while making it, its what allowed for such great high res nasty images.

The hardest thing besides a bit of OpenGL I had to learn was the Android preferences. I dont know why but I have such a hard time getting them working right. So right now the only option is to pick different images to mess with. I plan on adding more later. I also plan on releasing a “lite” version which only includes one background to choose.

OpenGL Screensaver

Well I have finished my mess around project with OpenGL. I decided to make a screensaver BIG SURPRISE :)! Its fully functioning, with the media embedded (1 image) but it requires the 2 tao DLL’s in order to run. Also I went ahead and included the source. Its no big secret how to create a screensaver in C# but I really didn’t see many relating to OpenGL. I have my sprite class implemented but not the emitter class, so the program.cs is a bit sloppy because it handles the particles in there.  Only thing its missing is multimonitor support, mainly because I forgot to add that until just now. If any one wants me to I can go ahead and add that to the source.

Overall its very simple in nature and I am going to move up now to something a bit more complex, either a screensaver which uses 3d models, or a simple game like breakout our tetris. Decisions Decisions.

Download Screensaver

Download Source