JS1k XMAS submission

Wanted to submit something that was just graphical this time around so I worked on a 3D Christmas Tree for my submission. The hardest thing was trying to pack a 3D engine with depth sorting and lighting into such a small package then of course I had to create the shapes for the tree and star. I got that and was happy but was told by my friends I should include snow.. so back to the drawing board. One thing that really helped was using the trick from the bouncing beholder demo from the first JS1K compo. Read More

New js1k Submission JSGrapple

Update Submission for the js1k competition. My 3rd, and final one only the last one you enter is judged and I think this is going to be as good as it gets from me that is. I ended up settling on a clone of a cool game I used to play when I was a network admin in the Air Force called Wire Hang Redux.

This entry was more of a challenge than my previous one, I had to not only make it look presentable but also had to worry about game play, simple physics, and of course lack of bugs. I think it turned out pretty well, and I owe a big thanks to the Google Closure Compiler, it definitely made things easier. The biggest challenge was trying to decide on what features to add. I had a choice between keeping the high score and allowing users to try again (without refresh) , or the option of making it harder the higher they go. I chose the latter which I think was a good decision.

Some things I learned from the contest,

  • pre calculated values use much less space, (.017 uses much less space than pi/180)
  • There are shorter ways to get an element through the dom than getElementById
  • You can make something cool and fun in 1k using Javascript

I think the next thing I will do is make a bigger/better/cooler version.

Now just imagine if I had 640k to work with!