OpenGL Screensaver

Well I have finished my mess around project with OpenGL. I decided to make a screensaver BIG SURPRISE :)! Its fully functioning, with the media embedded (1 image) but it requires the 2 tao DLL’s in order to run. Also I went ahead and included the source. Its no big secret how to create a screensaver in C# but I really didn’t see many relating to OpenGL. I have my sprite class implemented but not the emitter class, so the program.cs is a bit sloppy because it handles the particles in there.¬† Only thing its missing is multimonitor support, mainly because I forgot to add that until just now. If any one wants me to I can go ahead and add that to the source.

Overall its very simple in nature and I am going to move up now to something a bit more complex, either a screensaver which uses 3d models, or a simple game like breakout our tetris. Decisions Decisions.

Download Screensaver

Download Source

Hello everyone.. or just me

I finally decided to create my own personal blog. I do so many random things throughout the year I figured its a waste to not share my experiences for anyone who may come across or do something similiar.

For my first post I’ll share a little about myself. Im 26 with a wife and 4 kids. By day I’m a web developer for the government and by night I’m a web developer / all around developer for myself. I currently run 5 other sites to include,

Currently besides this site Im working on its in the redesign stage¬† and I’m hoping to really get that site going well again.

Im sure mainly what you’ll find here are my favorite development topics and random projects i’m working on.