Another Android live wallpaper, Forest Scene

The idea is *heavily* inspired by a JS1K demo submission that was done by @daisyowl.  I just thought the demo was so cool it was begging to be a live wallpaper. I plan on adding more features such as clouds/different seasons etc. Heres a link to the source if anyones interested, and heres the link to it on the app market,

Android Live Wallpaper Guts and Goo

Just released my second live wallpaper, Guts and Goo

Guts and Goo

Used libgdx along with the libgdx live wallpaper backend. Was a fun project, found out about an awesome filter library while making it, its what allowed for such great high res nasty images.

The hardest thing besides a bit of OpenGL I had to learn was the Android preferences. I dont know why but I have such a hard time getting them working right. So right now the only option is to pick different images to mess with. I plan on adding more later. I also plan on releasing a “lite” version which only includes one background to choose.