jQuery Snowfall 1.5 update now with snow buildup!

Check out the new version here, with the ability to add images to snowflakes!

Repo on Github
Download Jquery Snowfall 1.5
View the plugin in action

Added snow buildup to the plugin, so now you can pass a jquery selector in the collection option and the snow will collect on top of all the elements matched. It uses the canvas tag so the snow wont collect in IE8 or lower. Read More

Use built in jQuery UI icon with datepicker

Needed the date picker in a project today and noticed it doesn’t integrate well with jQuery UI’s icons, if trying to use an icon to open the calendar rather than an input. Found a response on Stackoverflow that talked about having to do it manually. This is the solution I ended up using.

$("#DateFrom").datepicker({ showOn: 'button'}).next('button').text('').button({icons:{primary : 'ui-icon-calendar'}});

By default the datepicker button call automatically inserts three ellipses to the button, so the text(”) is needed to remove the text from the default button. So there you go a fully theme away calendar button. Now if only they would make this easier by having the datepicker do it all for you.