Installing Alpha Centauri Alien Crossfire on Windows 7

This is kind of a random post, but its something I ran into this week on vacation after getting a copy of Soldout Softwares Alpha Centauri with the Alien Crossfire expansion pack. If you’re like me and tried installing the game from the cd, the setup.exe just hangs. But never fear there is a way to get it working!

Step 1 – Make a directory somewhere on your machine, but not in program files, or program files(x86). Otherwise in order to save you will have to run the game as an administrator. What I did was create a directory structure on the root of my drive “DRIVE:\Firaxis\Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri\”.

Step 2 – Copy the contents of the “programs” directory from Disc 1 to the directory we created above. Now copy the Directories FX, MOVIES, and VOICES into the directory. Now your structure should look something like the following, Read More

Gaming Gaming Gaming

So I realized I have never posted anything on here about my gaming habits. Gaming is a huge part of my life its probably a bit higher than programming even. I am VERY partial to PC gaming, consoles are ok.. but I just look at them as underpowered PC’s :P. Plus its nice being able to install my copy of Homeworld and play it 13 years later without issue. Anyway I figure I will start to post some of my thoughts on games I am currently playing, and maybe some other tidbits from my collection.

My collection

Ill have to get some pictures up.. but I love collecting PC games, old and new. Currently my Steam account sits at just under 800 games, and my physical copy count sits at about 600 or so. I have most popular games that were released for the PC and quite a few obscure ones. I wont lie I haven’t played them all, last time I calculated I have played about a third of them. Once I get my spreadsheet up to date Ill post it on here.

Games Im currently playing

Right now Im switching between a few games, Dungeon Defenders, Battlefield 3, and Team Fortress 2. The Halloween events in TF2, and Dungeon Defenders are great I love when games include things going on in the real world, such as holidays.

DSx86 is awesome!

I don’t know what it is but something about old dos games on handheld systems excites me, I think its because even those old games seem to have more depth and content than many of the current games in the handheld market. Of course there are some awesome handheld games with incredible depth and content like Monster Hunters Freedom, or Advanced wars, but games that awesome are far and few between.  So I was pretty excited when I recently saw DSx86 a 80286 emulator for the nintendo DS by Patrick Alto.

So far the emulator just supports the 80286 with a few 80386 opcodes, but no plans to fully emulate a 80386 which is understandable, but even a 286 opens up a ton of opportunities for old school gaming. I can now play games such as Elite Plus, Civilization (the original), Warlords, Castles 2, and (hopefully soon) Kings Bounty.

If this is something that interests you theres a compatibility list where users are encouraged to test games to help out the development. Of course youll need some sort of DS card with custom firmware such as the R4 or Cyclo DS (my personal choice).