Got a kindle

Well I got a Kindle 3 for my birthday today, I had one last year for a little bit but had to give it back to work, since then I’ve found myself wanting another. First thing I tried (besides a web IRC) were some of my canvas demos on the experimental browser that ships with the Kindle. They all seemed to work, just VERY slowly, for isntance my JS1k grapple submission was in slow motion, but still playable for the most part. This got me thinking that this device could easily do some turn based games! Of course.. I get an ebook reader and my first thought turns to games. Turns out there are a few games for it out already, but every device could use more. Maybe that will be my next project.

DSx86 is awesome!

I don’t know what it is but something about old dos games on handheld systems excites me, I think its because even those old games seem to have more depth and content than many of the current games in the handheld market. Of course there are some awesome handheld games with incredible depth and content like Monster Hunters Freedom, or Advanced wars, but games that awesome are far and few between.  So I was pretty excited when I recently saw DSx86 a 80286 emulator for the nintendo DS by Patrick Alto.

So far the emulator just supports the 80286 with a few 80386 opcodes, but no plans to fully emulate a 80386 which is understandable, but even a 286 opens up a ton of opportunities for old school gaming. I can now play games such as Elite Plus, Civilization (the original), Warlords, Castles 2, and (hopefully soon) Kings Bounty.

If this is something that interests you theres a compatibility list where users are encouraged to test games to help out the development. Of course youll need some sort of DS card with custom firmware such as the R4 or Cyclo DS (my personal choice).