Recreating gifs for the jsBin Compo

There’s a really interesting competition the creator of jsbin is running. The competition involves recreating some pretty amazing gifs (mostly mathmatical based) using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I couldn’t help but try my hand at a few of the gifs. As of this writing I have successfully (mostly anyway) reproduced four of the images.

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3d Shading with Points

I was checking out some old books the other day and I came across Commodore Step by Step Graphics Vol 3. It had an interesting looking screenshot for a bit of code, which showed shaded spheres entirely made of points. I thought the effect would look cool if multiple ones were layered over each other to look like planets and moons. So I converted the Basic over to JavaScript using the canvas element to replicate the effect.

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New Blog Design and Demos

I was really hating my last design, so after saying I was going to do it for months I finally decided to redesign the blog. There’s a few things left to do like styling comment boxes, finishing the mobile version, and a few finishing touches here and there. My favorite part though about going to a design with so much white space is the ability to have some of my demos as the background. I will of course however be adding an option to turn them off for those of you who get distracted or think they are just plain ugly.

I finally feel like I can start writing some articles about my demos, games in progress, and everything else!