HTML5 Canvas Particle engine

In my attempt to make a post weekly figured I would post some progress on my current project, which is a side project for the shmup Im working on.

Just a basic particle engine using canvas (of course). Its tied in directly with my home grown game framework, so implementing it into my projects should be a breeze. Going to attempt to make an editor for it over the weekend.. heh mostly for me to just mess around, but of course it has the other benefit of allowing me to make effects visually, which is easier. Check it out

Procedural Canvas Shmup now has a boss and sounds!

Its crazy how much of a difference music and sounds make. Been working on my shmup when not busy and got a boss in today. So much work still left to be done though, I want upgrades for the player ship still, and possibly a more consistent look for the enemies depending on the seed (like a shared color scheme).

You can check out my progress here