Got a kindle

Well I got a Kindle 3 for my birthday today, I had one last year for a little bit but had to give it back to work, since then I’ve found myself wanting another. First thing I tried (besides a web IRC) were some of my canvas demos on the experimental browser that ships with the Kindle. They all seemed to work, just VERY slowly, for isntance my JS1k grapple submission was in slow motion, but still playable for the most part. This got me thinking that this device could easily do some turn based games! Of course.. I get an ebook reader and my first thought turns to games. Turns out there are a few games for it out already, but every device could use more. Maybe that will be my next project.

A New look

Was a bit sick of the older design, it had some weird issues plus honestly I really began to hate it. I am liking this one a lot more, kept the whole light bulb concept from the old design, but other than that pretty much everything else is different. Wanted to incorporate text shadows too, I think they look slick in modern browsers. It also gave me a chance to check out how themes are done in WordPress 3.0, they seem easier, and the CSS is definitely much cleaner. All I needed to do was modify the default 2010 design slightly, and I needed to make maybe 5 markup changes overall.

jCrumb Instant Breadcrumb plugin

Just finished up a new plugin for jQuery. I wanted some breadcrumbs for some pages but wanted to do it all client side, so I came up with jCrumb. jCrumb saves the link and title of the most recent page and adds it to a session cookie, creating a dynamic bread crumb navigation bar on the page. It uses jQuery, and can also use jQuery UI for styling, or custom styles created by the user.

Live Demo

Jquery plugin page

Google Code Page

JavaScript time between dates

A person asked a question in my post about sorting dates in Javascript, basically on how to return a measurement of time between dates, such as days, hours, minutes, seconds. I haven’t really ever had to do something like this so I figured I would see if it was as easy as I assumed it would be in JS. This is what I came up with.

var dob = new Date("9/28/1982"),
    today = new Date("9/21/2010");

// Days between dates

// Years between dates

Returns pretty accurate results, Im not accounting for leap years so it thinks I’m already 28 even though I still have a few days to go.

New js1k Submission JSGrapple

Update Submission for the js1k competition. My 3rd, and final one only the last one you enter is judged and I think this is going to be as good as it gets from me that is. I ended up settling on a clone of a cool game I used to play when I was a network admin in the Air Force called Wire Hang Redux.

This entry was more of a challenge than my previous one, I had to not only make it look presentable but also had to worry about game play, simple physics, and of course lack of bugs. I think it turned out pretty well, and I owe a big thanks to the Google Closure Compiler, it definitely made things easier. The biggest challenge was trying to decide on what features to add. I had a choice between keeping the high score and allowing users to try again (without refresh) , or the option of making it harder the higher they go. I chose the latter which I think was a good decision.

Some things I learned from the contest,

  • pre calculated values use much less space, (.017 uses much less space than pi/180)
  • There are shorter ways to get an element through the dom than getElementById
  • You can make something cool and fun in 1k using Javascript

I think the next thing I will do is make a bigger/better/cooler version.

Now just imagine if I had 640k to work with!