JSLander completed

Finally sat down this weekend and completed my Javascript Lunar Lander clone, JSLander. Decided to make it after messing around with midpoint displacement towards the end of last year. The development of JSLander overall wasn’t too bad, the trickiest thing was making everything work exactly the same when you were zoomed in,  I happen to be horrible at math…

Check out the finished product here.

Download Source

Cellular Texture Generation with JavaScript and Canvas

Been messing with canvas again, and put together a little demo that creates procedural cell looking textures, based off of the Worley algorithm. You can achieve some pretty amazing results, also added the option to animate, but since the algorithm has not been optimized yet you have to keep the dimensions and number of points low. Also need to implement tiling. Heres a few examples of what you can produce with some minor changes in distance calculation for points. You can check out the generator here.