Any other zombie fans annoyed..?

Any other zombie fans annoyed by the current direction everything zombie related is taking?

I’ve been a zombie fan for years, of course most people nowadays claim this, but lets get real most people have began to like zombies recently. While I am happy that one of my favorite genres is getting so much attention I am irritated by many of the things becoming staples of the genre.

I recently went to a zombie walk and cannot count the amount of times I heard the word brains screamed out. Why does everyone think zombies crave brains? Has no one watched any of the none tongue in cheek zombie films? Zombies began eating brains in Return of the Living Dead which was a tongue in cheek sequal to Night of the Living Dead. Not the true sequel, that was Dawn of the Dead. How can this be fixed? Watch a friggin zombie movie thats not part of the Return of the Living Dead series. If you want to call yourself a true zombie fan watch all of the Romero films (up until Day of the Dead at least).

That’s just one example, recently I’ve been seeing a very common trend of game developers just randomly throwing zombies in games diluting the market with bland mindless shooting games. Two very recent examples of this include Nation Red, and Undead: Zombie Driver. Zombie games are the new WWII games it seems and zombies are the new nazis. I would include Left4Dead in this list but those aren’t even zombies they are infected. How can this be fixed? Make some zombie games that require thought, the zombie community wants an MMO but we would settle on a game similar to Fallout with zombies! Many of us would love a zombie RTS as well, just stop pumping out these mindless kill fests. I love FPS’s but lets get some genre variety.

The last example is Zombieland, which was a great movie but technically these weren’t even zombies. The director himself confirmed this they are infected people. Alas its still called Zombieland.. I thought the movie was hilarious and Im going to see it again but overall I would love to see a more gritty post apocalyptic zombie film. Fast “zombies” are scary as hell, but slow zombies can be too.  How can this be fixed? Lets hope WWZ the movie lives up to its potential.

Why am I ranting? Mainly I’m worried whats going to happen is the genre is going to go far beyond its roots and the rules and end up shaping into something I and I know many other fans don’t enjoy as much. The one savior of the genre I have seen are zombie books. I’m sure well see this changing in more recent novels released by authors new to the genre. Some may just be jumping on board to make a quick buck during this trend, but at least most of the zombie books currently out there stay true to the genre and give me hope.

I compare my feelings to those when your favorite band “sells out”. Now everyone knows and loves them and they go in a different direction.

As a side note of my zombie “love” I run,,, and I also own the names for many other zombie related sites that I haven’t gotten around to creating just yet. I’ve read a ridiculous amount of zombie books, and am an avid reader of The Walking Dead. Zombies have been a major part of my life for years. What started out as my greatest fear has turned into my greatest time sink. Just dont feel like seeing it go to hell like the vampire genre has gone.

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  1. definitely a noticeable change in the genre. i hope it can be fixed… the same thing has pretty much happened with the vampire genre. now we have shit like twilight and new moon, and fucking vampires assistant…. wtf

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  3. I feel that same way you feel about zombie films. I had some friends who were “Long time” Zombie movie fans, and they thought Day of the Dead was the first Zombie movie of that series and that the others were sequels to it.

    But as for zombie games, I can’t imagine an MMORPG Zombie game other than a Fallout 3 type setting. Also that you don’t really fight non-stop zombie’s but more stronger zombies and stuff. Showing that there is a world past Zombiedom. As well why not follow down some of 28 Weeks Later sort of thing , and have people who have natural resistances against the Zombays.

  4. Excellent points you made, but the whole thing about WW2 nazi zombies, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
    Its a way to recruit new zom fans.

  5. We’ve been working on a different approach to the zombie game for quite some time. It could be described as a Zombie MMO RTS, in fact. The emphasis is on gathering resources and avoiding the faceless mass of the living dead. We’ve used census records, real locations and realistic resources. Survival is the goal. I wanted to design a game which would require strategic planning and tough choices on whether you cooperate or compete with other groups.

    We hope to start external testing over the next month or so. I chose “World of the Living Dead” because Night of the Living Dead was the film which sparked my interest in the zombie genre (and yes, I like Savini’s 1990 remake, too). if you’re interested.

    Couldn’t agree with you more on your points. The moan of “Braiiins” and the sprinting infected don’t evoke the true horror of the shambling living dead: being overwhelmed by these slow but relentless creatures that will find you wherever you hide, and will gradually tear down any defences.

    Combine this with eventual starvation unless you can continuously scavenge food, scarcity of ammunition for any guns you might be lucky enough to find, and you have the underlying power of the zombie genre. The Walking Dead depicts this perfectly (and also addresses the threat from other survivors).

    What the fast infected films seem to ignore is that survival would be practically impossible when you have an enemy that can run. Slaughter on the scale that would be needed to get from one street corner to another would require immense firepower, lots of ammo – and incredible luck. And no mistakes.

    I love playing L4D but it’s like a condensed zombie experience, which is perfect for a quick online game. Relying on your team, scarcity of the better ammo, overwhelming odds, unexpected errors leading to absolute failure. They’ve done a great job of evoking the zombie genre while keeping it fast and fun.

    Simon Pegg argued the case for slow zombies very well last year:

  6. To be fair though vash, vampires assistant was a really good book. I’ve personally met darren o’shany on 2 occasions and he made the genre as close to the original dracula book but with a original twist 😉

  7. The solution is simple: take a deep breath, calm down and don’t be so pedantic. The notion of “zombie” has undergone many changes over the years. Undoubtedly, it will undergo many more. Getting your panties in a bunch over people fixating on the idea that zombies crave brains, or that the zombies of Zombieland aren’t “real” zombies (uh, you mean like the voodoo kind from Haiti? Guess what, neither are Romero’s zombies…) or whether “infected” should be considered zombies … come on, relax! Zombies are awesome, in all their many forms.

    Sure, Romero is a frigging genius, at least for his initial trilogy. But lots of great zombie stuff has happened since, and not all of it slavishly copied him. And THANK GOD. The genre would have petered out and died long since if it had. Instead of freaking out and yelling at these people who are clearly very interested in zombies for not liking the “right” zombies or liking “false” zombies, why not just share what you love about zombies with them and accept that what they love may be different, but is no less valid. You don’t own the notion of zombies, no one does.

    And don’t worry, even if it goes to hell (unlikely: is a Twilight analog even possible in the zombie world?) there will still be some great stuff out there — witness Let the Right One In, a brilliant vampire film that exists amongst the dross that vampires have become. And we’ll always, always have Papa George’s works of genius.

  8. I wouldn’t worry about it. Yeah, it does suck that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, but good things always come of things like this.

    This isn’t just a new trend, it started building with the release of Resident Evil, it eventually lead to the Dawn of the Dead remake, Shaun of the Dead gained a huge US following, and before you know it Romero got funding for Land…A movie he was talking about in one form or another since the mid 90’s.

    While it is quickly getting popular lately it’ll burn out soon. Before it does though amidst the tons of annoying fake fans you may come across, we can at least expect new DVDs of old favorites, some great new zombie flicks, and a bunch of other cool collectibles.

  9. I agree to some extent. While I agree that it can be annoying knowing that you were into zombie culture way before most people, I also think it’s great that it’s becoming a little more mainstream, but(and this is a big but), that they do things right! Ever since i was a kid and rented Night of the living dead for my birthday parties every year I dreamed of some sort of game where you can scour city’s and plains looting for food, shelter, and ammo. I think you are DEAD on when you say they should make a zombie game ala fallout 3. That would be the perfect way to express the true horror and panic scenarios that make zombie movies what they are. Let’s just hope Bethesda is listening.

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