Any other zombie fans annoyed..?

Any other zombie fans annoyed by the current direction everything zombie related is taking?

I’ve been a zombie fan for years, of course most people nowadays claim this, but lets get real most people have began to like zombies recently. While I am happy that one of my favorite genres is getting so much attention I am irritated by many of the things becoming staples of the genre.

I recently went to a zombie walk and cannot count the amount of times I heard the word brains screamed out. Why does everyone think zombies crave brains? Has no one watched any of the none tongue in cheek zombie films? Zombies began eating brains in Return of the Living Dead which was a tongue in cheek sequal to Night of the Living Dead. Not the true sequel, that was Dawn of the Dead. How can this be fixed? Watch a friggin zombie movie thats not part of the Return of the Living Dead series. If you want to call yourself a true zombie fan watch all of the Romero films (up until Day of the Dead at least).

That’s just one example, recently I’ve been seeing a very common trend of game developers just randomly throwing zombies in games diluting the market with bland mindless shooting games. Two very recent examples of this include Nation Red, and Undead: Zombie Driver. Zombie games are the new WWII games it seems and zombies are the new nazis. I would include Left4Dead in this list but those aren’t even zombies they are infected. How can this be fixed? Make some zombie games that require thought, the zombie community wants an MMO but we would settle on a game similar to Fallout with zombies! Many of us would love a zombie RTS as well, just stop pumping out these mindless kill fests. I love FPS’s but lets get some genre variety.

The last example is Zombieland, which was a great movie but technically these weren’t even zombies. The director himself confirmed this they are infected people. Alas its still called Zombieland.. I thought the movie was hilarious and Im going to see it again but overall I would love to see a more gritty post apocalyptic zombie film. Fast “zombies” are scary as hell, but slow zombies can be too.  How can this be fixed? Lets hope WWZ the movie lives up to its potential.

Why am I ranting? Mainly I’m worried whats going to happen is the genre is going to go far beyond its roots and the rules and end up shaping into something I and I know many other fans don’t enjoy as much. The one savior of the genre I have seen are zombie books. I’m sure well see this changing in more recent novels released by authors new to the genre. Some may just be jumping on board to make a quick buck during this trend, but at least most of the zombie books currently out there stay true to the genre and give me hope.

I compare my feelings to those when your favorite band “sells out”. Now everyone knows and loves them and they go in a different direction.

As a side note of my zombie “love” I run,,, and I also own the names for many other zombie related sites that I haven’t gotten around to creating just yet. I’ve read a ridiculous amount of zombie books, and am an avid reader of The Walking Dead. Zombies have been a major part of my life for years. What started out as my greatest fear has turned into my greatest time sink. Just dont feel like seeing it go to hell like the vampire genre has gone.