OpenGL Screensaver

Well I have finished my mess around project with OpenGL. I decided to make a screensaver BIG SURPRISE :)! Its fully functioning, with the media embedded (1 image) but it requires the 2 tao DLL’s in order to run. Also I went ahead and included the source. Its no big secret how to create a screensaver in C# but I really didn’t see many relating to OpenGL. I have my sprite class implemented but not the emitter class, so the program.cs is a bit sloppy because it handles the particles in there.  Only thing its missing is multimonitor support, mainly because I forgot to add that until just now. If any one wants me to I can go ahead and add that to the source.

Overall its very simple in nature and I am going to move up now to something a bit more complex, either a screensaver which uses 3d models, or a simple game like breakout our tetris. Decisions Decisions.

Download Screensaver

Download Source

Messing around with OpenGL

Wasn’t in the mood this weekend to work on my current flash project, or  any other web projects, so I decided to mess around with the TAO framework. I made a game about a year ago called Glow Roids (the name is pretty comical when you think about it) using CsGL. I had a bunch of problems with it on different machines, mostly involving ATI cards, and Vista. So I decided to try out OpenGL with C# again only this time using the Tao framework. So far it seems to work pretty well on all the machines I’ve tried it on.

Really all I did was end up converting some of the Nehe lesson 19 code, and then making my own sprite class. Soon I’ll make an emitter class so I can have a full featured particle system up and running to eventually make some sort of game. Anyway here is the fruits of my labor a crazy particle effect that makes me think of the big bang.

Ill release the source if anyone really wants it. I warn you its not the prettyist!

Download Zip

My Current Flash Project

Don’t let the from the site Nonoba and if you haven’t heard of this site your missing out. It’s a pretty big Flash portal similiar to Kongregate, the main difference is they offer a multiplayer API. The API is great, its pretty easy to use, and if you’ve ever done anything with socket programming and sending messages back and forth youll find no trouble using it at all.

I decided to try and incorporate the API into one of my current unfinished projects you can test it out here DeadEnd Right now its not much you and some friends ( up to 8 ) can run around and point your weapon at eachother. The cool thing is it only took maybe 3 hours total to incorporate it, and that was just due to my crappy class set up for the player because I never expected to have more than one player in the game. Next step is to add some enemies, and of course the ability to fire weapons. Ill post updates as I finish more of it.

Also I wanted to give credit to Emanuele Feronato if it weren’t for his blog I never would of found Nonoba.

Aviary Raven

This site is awesome. I found this a while back when they created Pheonix basically an online photoshop. Today I was on Digg and I found an article related to Raven its a fantastic application very similiar to Adobe Illustrator. The great thing (besides the fact that I can access it anywhere in the world) is that its totally cross browser even supporting IE6, which unfortunatly I am currently married to it at my job….

Anyway if you don’t have the $650+ to throw down on any of the Adobe products these products from Aviary are a great alternative, and I will be using them pretty often in the near future.

Hello everyone.. or just me

I finally decided to create my own personal blog. I do so many random things throughout the year I figured its a waste to not share my experiences for anyone who may come across or do something similiar.

For my first post I’ll share a little about myself. Im 26 with a wife and 4 kids. By day I’m a web developer for the government and by night I’m a web developer / all around developer for myself. I currently run 5 other sites to include,

Currently besides this site Im working on its in the redesign stage  and I’m hoping to really get that site going well again.

Im sure mainly what you’ll find here are my favorite development topics and random projects i’m working on.